Safewhere is a Danish software company specialized in federated identity management. We offer a technology leading platform for federated identity management that handles all the complexity of connecting an organization’s users and applications and managing their access rights, thereby strengthening efficiency and cross-organizational collaboration. Essentially, the Safewhere*Identify platform enables (A) any user, be it employees, partners, customers or citizens, to (B) access any cloud or on-premises application in an easy and secure manner using (C) any login type. E.g. corporate network or application credentials, social media logins such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or any government driven identity solution.

Flexible solutions for all needs

Safewhere is a young company but our software is developed based on many years of experience in federated identity solutions. Learn more about our history here.

The Safewhere platform is based on the open international standards: SAML 2.0 and WS-Federation. Our goal is to provide the most flexible federated identity management solution in the market that caters to all needs in relations to identity and access management. The Identify platform is made up of standard modules that can be combined in different ways to suit the individual customer’s specific needs. See our product platform here.

More information about us are available at http://safewhere.com/