Authenticator App

What is this?

Authenticator app is an app which you use to log in with a second factor by sending you a time-limited code separately from your login. The authenticator app makes your login safer, since you must then both have access to your login AND the authenticator app if you need to log in through your account.

How does one use it?

You can download an Authenticator app to your smartphone. There are several authenticator apps, e.g. Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator, available here:

Microsoft Authenticator

Android smartphone:

Google Authenticator
Android smartphone:

How does one log in for the first time?

  1. Go to your login page (where you usually log in) in your browser on your computer
  2. Log in with your username and password
  3. Press "Get help setting up your authentication app" if you do not already have an authentication app or click on "I already have an authentication app"
  4. If you chose to get help setting up the app, then select the app you would like to use and follow the guide (the guide can also be seen below)
  5. You will then be shown a QR code or password, which you must scan / enter in the app to create a new user in the app
  6. Lastly, enter the time-based one-time code that the app generates
  7. You will then receive a recovery code which you must store in a safe place. The code can be used, for example, if you have forgotten your smartphone or cannot remember your password
  8. Congratulations you have now set up your authentication method and are logged in

Guide on how to set up the authentication app on your smartphone:

How does one log in going forward?

You will need to use the app every time you log in going forward.
Here's how:

  1. Go to your login page (where you usually log in)
  2. Log in with your username and password on your PC or smartphone
  3. Open your authentication app and find the password associated with your user
  4. Enter the password on the login page (on your PC or smartphone)
  5. Congratulations, you are now logged in!