Safewhere Identify 5.5 Release Notes

Safewhere Identify 5.5-[]

Bug fixes Identify Runtime Fixed: SAML 2.0 metadata: the level of assurance (LoA) element was duplicated and the EntityAttributes element had invalid namespace. Fixed: The level of assurance (LoA) which is set to the "Second factor authentication context method class" setting wasn’t […]

REST API – Support filtering and specifying the attributes to retrieve in the same request

Introduction This short document is considered as a user guideline on how to use the filtering endpoint along with specific attributes to retrieve only needed information instead of receiving the whole resource information. SCIM 2.0 specification In the SCIM 2.0 […]

How to setup and use custom database text resources 

Introduction This short document is considered as a user guideline on how to setup and use the new feature “database-based text resources” for the Identify runtime views. Concepts Container A container is a bag of text resources categorized for using in […]

Interceptor ClaimSelector

Introduction We ship a new interceptor that allows users for selecting what user account he or she wants to use when the identity’s claim has multiple values. How to setup Steps to set up a test: Create a new free […]

Safewhere Identify 5.6 Release Notes

This document summarizes all new features and bug fixes for version 5.6 as well as breaking changes when being upgraded from previous versions. New features and improvements Identify Configurator One of the key feature that we ship in version 5.6 […]

SameSite cookies

About Samesite cookies First of all, you can learn about SameSite cookies at and at The .NET team had a blog post to explain why recent changes in the specification can cause problems:

TL;DR; Before Chrome 80 […]

How to install Safewhere Identify and Safewhere Admin (adminv2) in custom folders

When installing Identify, the default locations are C:\Program Files\Safewhere\Identify\ for Safewhere Identify and C:\Program Files\Safewhere\OneAdmin for Safewhere Admin (adminv2). The bundle installer also allows users to select custom folders to install to. Given that Safewhere Identify is installed to D:\Program Files\Safewhere\Identify and […]

How to use a custom Razor view files

The Identify uses the default supported views when the user does his authentication to his Service Provider site against the  Identify as well as the login page at the Identify site, e.g the username and password page. This following article describes […]

How to add new text resources to resx files and troubleshooting

Adding new text resources to resx files to use in your custom views is supported by all versions of Safewhere Identify.  A good tool to use for editing is the Zeta Resource Editor tool. We find that the guideline at is very […]

How to solve the error: Access denied when accessing to the Safewhere Admin

Given that you receive the error:  Access denied after logging in to the Safewhere Admin. This issue may happen when Safewhere Admin cannot figure out who the logged in is. In order to identifying a logged in user, Safewhere Admin needs […]