Generic provider

OAuth 2.0/OIDC Identity Provider security options

Support Level Of Assurance(LoA) per MFA method

Conditional access policy

Device authentication

TOTP Authenticator

OAuth2.0 client authentication

OAuth 2.0 provider

OIDC endpoints and CORS policy

OIOSAML 3.0 Attribute Profiles

Basic Privilege Profile 1.2 and OIOSAML 3.0

How to setup OIOSAML 3.0 NameID format

Support OIOSAML 3.0

Generic OpenID Connect (OIDC) Identity Provider

OIO Identity-based Web Services setup

Recovery codes

How to set up two factor with WebAuthn OTP

Identify – Attribute query

Token endpoint


Support Authorization code grant

OAuth2.0 session management with SSO/SLO scenario

OAuth 2.0 – Resource Owner Password Credentials grant

Client authentication support: private_key_jwt

Pairwise Pseudonymous Identifier (PPID)

OAuth 2.0 – Device flow

Client credentials flow for OpenId Connect and OAuth 2.0

Passing Request parameters as JWTs

Where to return user claims – Access token or ID token

OAuth2.0/OpenID Connect – FAQ

Hosted forms

OAuth 2.0 samples

Enhancements and bug fixes – version 5.5

Support more options for parameter “prompt” on authorization request

Hybrid flow

Registration endpoint

Authorization endpoint

Userinfo endpoint

Authentication Connection


One-time Password



WS-Federation login method

Username & Password

SAML 2.0 login method

Add Protocol Connection

SAML 2.0 Application

WS-Federation Application

OAuth 2.0 Application

OpenID Application