Configurator UI

Deploy Safewhere Admin When Doing Upgrade

Deploy Safewhere Admin When Doing Upgrade Introduction In the previous version, you need to use the re-configure feature to install the Safewhere Admin for an existing instance. That additional step might be a problem if you have huge amount of […]

Tenant Backup / Restore and Templating

Tenant Backup / Restore and Templating From version 5.6, Identify Configurator has support for exporting data from Identify database to files as well as importing data to another instance. The tool supports exporting data from version but you can […]

Deploy Safewhere Admin for existing Identify instances

Introduction If you have a Safewhere Identify instance that didn’t have the Safewhere Admin before and now you want it, Configurator’s Reconfigure is the functionality that you need. The new reconfiguring feature is supported from version 5.4 which is released on 21st Dec 2018. Preparation […]

Identify configurator – Action step and rollback transaction

We have reworked Identify configurator to not only handle installation and rollback better but also make it easier to support new functionality. The first functionality we have added for Identify configurator 5.0 is the ability to backup databases. You can […]

Improvements for Identify configurator version 4.3

Automatically build a connection string for the SQL server according to the selected database authentication when the session state mode is SQL Server If the selected database authentication mode is Windows Authentication, the SQL State Server connection string text box […]


This article is going to help you setup the Configurator for Launching the Configurator The Configurator can be launched from Start >Identify>Safewhere*Identify 5.0 Configurator in the Windows Start menu. Set Up and Customize Prerequisite Initially, the Configurator checks that you have all […]