How to

Identify data migration

Introduction In this case study, we will look at how you can export data like users, user passwords, connections, claims, and organizations etc. from an existing tenant and import it to a tenant of the latest version. Preparation Your source […]

MSDTC disabling and consequence

1. MSDTC introduction MSDTC is an acronym for Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator. As the name says, MSDTC is a Windows service providing transaction infrastructure for distributed systems. In this case, a transaction means a general way of structuring the interactions […]

How to fix common MSDTC issues

On Identify server, we need to update it: Ensure that the MSDTC is ready by opening Component Services, choosing Properties on Local DTC (it is placed under Component Services|Computers|MyComputer|Distributed Transaction Coordinator), clicking the Security tab, and making sure things look […]