Installation walkthrough

Configuring Safewhere*Identify for high-load environment

Overview We have spent a fair amount of time to improve performance for Safewhere*Identify 5.0 and the result is a product with a great numbers of configurable settings that you can use to fine tune an Identify installation to achieve […]

MSDTC disabling and consequence

1. MSDTC introduction MSDTC is an acronym for Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator. As the name says, MSDTC is a Windows service providing transaction infrastructure for distributed systems. In this case, a transaction means a general way of structuring the interactions […]

Identify configurator – Action step and rollback transaction

We have reworked Identify configurator to not only handle installation and rollback better but also make it easier to support new functionality. The first functionality we have added for Identify configurator 5.0 is the ability to backup databases. You can […]

Session state support

In order to achieve best performance, Safewhere*Identify recommendation for session state mode is as follow: Single server setup Since this type of setup uses only one web server to host Identify tenants, InProc session state mode is the best choice. […]

Improvements for Identify configurator version 4.3

Automatically build a connection string for the SQL server according to the selected database authentication when the session state mode is SQL Server If the selected database authentication mode is Windows Authentication, the SQL State Server connection string text box […]

How to fix common MSDTC issues

On Identify server, we need to update it: Ensure that the MSDTC is ready by opening Component Services, choosing Properties on Local DTC (it is placed under Component Services|Computers|MyComputer|Distributed Transaction Coordinator), clicking the Security tab, and making sure things look […]

License & Security

License Please notice that the standard version of only provides a one-month trial license. If you have purchased a license from , you will receive a license file. This license file should be stored in the bin folder of each […]


This article is going to help you setup the Configurator for Launching the Configurator The Configurator can be launched from Start >Identify>Safewhere*Identify 5.0 Configurator in the Windows Start menu. Set Up and Customize Prerequisite Initially, the Configurator checks that you have all […]

Claim app site

The app site is included with an Identify installation and is used for testing issuance by a federation server. Installation Instructions Open the web.config of the claimapp located at “C:\Program Files\Safewhere\Identify\TestApps”: Enter the federation server’s URL for the following key […]

System requirements

Recommended The recommended hardware setup for running : 4 GB memory Dual-core CPU Minimum Minimum hardware setup is: 2 GB memory Single-core CPU 2 GHz Software’s Requirements The required software for running Safewhere*Identify: Microsoft Server 2008 R2 /2012 2008 (R2)/2012 […]