SAML 2.0 for WIF: How to generate metadata file without signature?

By default, SAML 2.0 for WIF generate signed metadata. In order to make it generate metadata without signature is as simple as adding "sign=false" parameter to the generating metadata link.


How to activate Safewhere*Identify performance counters?

Safewhere*Identify has a set of built-in performance counters which can be used to verify performance of a specific deployment. Those counters can be enabled or disabled by using settings found in the System Setup page.

For more details, please visit System Setup instruction


How to implement an external claims transformation?

Although the different transformation rules that exist in Safewhere*Identify will cover a lot of different situations, there will still be many scenarios where standard rules will not suffice. It is possible to create your own transformation rule and plug in into Safewhere*Identify.

For more details, please visit section External transformation


How to implement a Generic Provider?

Implementing a custom generic provider for external authentication requires the following steps:

  • Implement an custom generic provider which inherits from the IGenericCredentialsProvider.
  • Create the corresponding views which is used in the above custom generic provider.
  • Add text resources if needed.

For more details, please visit section Case Example for using Generic Provider