Getting started


Are you new to Safewhere*Identify? This is a great place to start

From scratch: Walk-through, System Concepts, System Requirements.


Setup a federated environment is often complicated. Some environments may have firewalls, security restrictions, unique certification requirements, and so forth. The abundant tweaking and fine-tuning needed to set up Safewhere*Identify may therefore be more sophisticated than just running the Safewhere*Identify Installer or Configurator. You can find our detailed instructions here: InstallerConfigurator, Claim app site, LDAP Web Service, License & Security.

Solutions for common errors are offered here.

End user - Logging in to Identify

There are different ways for users to login Safewhere*Identify. Unless automatically logged in, the first page you encounter will either be the Selector page or Login page. You can find our detailed instructions here.


When logged in, you will be sent to the My Profile tab where you can update information about your user as well as change your password. We offer different navigation formats: Forms, Lists and Breadcrumbs; depend on the module to that you access.