Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Identify CLI support all features that the Configurator UI do?

A: Yes, it does. You can check out the "Getting started" section and the Reference section for all the features that Identify CLI can do.

Q: How do we specify the thumbprint of the certificate that will be used for token signing?

A: You can specify it by using the Signing certificate configuration parameters section

Q: How do I create/upgrade/replicate/delete an instance?

A: You can check out the Getting started section.

Q: What logging functionality does Identify CLI support?

A: Please refer to How to configure logging level? for more details.

Q: Is the default user of a newly create instance still 'admin'?

A: Yes, it is.

A: Can I modify the port number and host of the tenantDatabaseConfiguration for databaseConfiguration and auditConfiguration?

Q: Yes, you can. Please visit section Instance's database connection configuration for the setting that you need.

Q: For the DbAuthenticationType setting, what are the options? How do I set it up using AD accounts for authentication?

A: Please visit section Database connection configuration for the setting that you need.