Email Server Settings

From version 3.3 it has been made possible to set up email servers from the Identify*Admin site. You will find the Email Server Settings tab under System Setup. From this list it is possible to add, edit and delete email server setups. Only the email server set as default is used.

Email server 1

Let’s take a look at the configuration options for the email server.


Name: Specifies the unique name that is used as the unique identifier of the mail server from UserProv configuration files.

Default: Specifies when this email server is the one to be the used when sending emails from Admin and Runtime.

Host: Specifies the name or IP address of the host used for SMTP transactions.

Port: Specifies the port used for SMTP transactions.

Delivery Method: Specifies how outgoing email messages will be handled. There are three options:

  • Network: Email is sent through the network to an SMTP server.
  • SpecifiedPickupDirectory: Email is copied to the directory specified by the SmtpClient.PickupDirectoryLocationproperty for delivery by an external application.
  • PickupDirectoryFromIis: Email is copied to the pickup directory used by a local Internet Information Services (IIS) for delivery.

From Address: Specifies from email address that will be set as the sender of emails.

Enable SSL: Specifies whether or not the SMTP Client uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt the connection.

Use Default Credentials: Specifies whether or not the DefaultCredentials are sent with requests. The default credentials are the user credentials of the logged-in user or the user being impersonated.

Account Name: Specifies the account name used to authenticate the sender.

Password: Specifies the Password used to authenticate the sender.