How to apply hotfix for Safewhere Admin

The following article describes the process for applying hotfix for Safewhere Admin without Configurator.

1. Backup the current Safewhere Admin at C:\Program Files\Safewhere\OneAdmin\Tenants\your_tenant

2. Install the latest build of Safewhere Admin for the version you are using (5.2, 5.3, or 5.4 etc.)

3. Copy all files (exclude appsettings.json) in folder C:\Program Files\Safewhere\OneAdmin\WebApp to folder C:\Program Files\Safewhere\OneAdmin\Tenants\your_tenant.

4. Update the version number in C:\Program Files\Safewhere\OneAdmin\Tenants\your_tenant\appsettings.json for tracking purpose

Update version in appsetting.json

5. Restart IIS

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