How to clean up all Identify’s cookies


Identify has many cookies that control its behavior such as:

  • Session cookies
  • Selected authentication connection cookies
  • And many more

Sometimes, due to the state of cookies, users end up at a dead end. For example, many users get the "Invalid context" error every time they access Identify, but because they are using mobile devices that do not allow them to close browsers to have all cookies deleted, they cannot proceed with logins. Even if users are accessing Identify on desktops, closing a browser instance may not be a favorable option because they have many important tabs open.

How to delete all Identify cookies

You need to access the Delete cookies page at https://[tenant_domain]/runtime/cookies:


After clicking the Delete button, Identify will clean up all of its cookies:


Hosted forms

You can customize the Delete cookies view using the Hosted forms feature from the Admin portal: