How to install Safewhere Identify and Safewhere Admin (adminv2) in custom folders

When installing Identify, the default locations are C:\Program Files\Safewhere\Identify\ for Safewhere Identify and C:\Program Files\Safewhere\OneAdmin for Safewhere Admin (adminv2). The bundle installer also allows users to select custom folders to install to.

Given that Safewhere Identify is installed to D:\Program Files\Safewhere\Identify and Safewhere Admin is installed to D:\Program Files\Safewhere\OneAdmin, following steps need to be done when you select customer folders during installation process:

Safewhere Identify

Access the Identify Configurator configure file in D:\Program Files\Safewhere\Identify\Tools, edit IdentifyConfigurator.exe.config and update OneAdminRootPath and OneAdminCommandPath to the new custom location of the Safewhere Admin.


Note: if the current Identify configurator is opened, you need to close it then execute it again after the above update is done.

Safewhere Admin

Access the Safewhere Admin Configurator configure file in D:\Program Files\Safewhere\OneAdmin\Tools, edit OneAdminConfiguratorCommand.exe.config and update OneAdminRootPath and OneAdminCommandPath to the new custom location of the Safewhere Admin.


Then run the Configurator Tools to create/upgrade/delete tenant as normal.

For the old tenants which were created in other location, you need to move it to the new custom \Tenants folder and update its XML configuration in table dbo.tennant of the IdentifyTenant database.