How to setup the connection between Identify and ADFS using Secure hash algorithm


Connection from a Client ADFS is done with the metadata found here: /runtime/saml2auth/metadata.idp

And in the configuration for the SAML2.0 authentication connection, the following is set:


However, when the ADFS requests auth—it fails when setting the hash algorithm to sha256. It works, however, when setting it to sha1. Why is that?
Issue 1(2)


We need to complete the checklist for the following

  • The SSO binding on Identify side must be REDIRECT.
  • All SHA on both two sides are set to 256.
  • Maybe restarting the ADFS service to make sure it loads the up-to-date settings.
  • Using the metadata uploading for the connection between the ADFS side and the Identify side.