List help topics for v4.3



SAML 2.0: SAML 2.0 connection settings now support more standard elements found in metadata.

SAML 2.0: SAML 2.0 connection settings now support the "Profile" concept that opens the ability to let Identify and SAML 2.0 connections perform profile-specific requirements.

LoA setting for eHerkenning

Publish Service Catalog

Improve two-factor feature

SAML 2.0: SAML 2.0 Authentication Connection now supports a new post-scripting setting that can be used to customize AuthnRequest messages that are sent to upstream IdPs.

SAML 2.0: SAML 2.0 now supports issuing tokens with custom NameFormat for issued claims.

SAML 2.0: SAML 2.0 now supports the ability to disable RelayState validation.

SAML 2.0: SAML 2.0 now supports BootstrapToken for ClaimsPrincipal.

New ActAs authorization controls

Identify*STS Improved Error Handling

STS*IssuedTokenSymmetricBasic256Sha256 Endpoint Improvement

New responsive theme for runtime with bootstrap framework

REST APIs: It is now possible to generate refresh tokens and access tokens by using Identify*Admin to consume the REST APIs.

REST APIs: Standardizing status codes for REST requests, adding more validation against input data and bug fixes.

- Bind SSL certificate by myself later
- Configurator: Self-generated certificates can be used for SHA256 signing.

- Age of certs in connection page
- Mouse-over on each item in the connection dependency list, which shows information about the connection
- Show certificates on an Identify user in the user detail view

Auto create a OAuth2 connection that can be used to issue token for Identify 's REST APIs

Custom SOAP binding

Security improvements for Identify*Admin

Support key-value pair settings for Saml2 Protocol and Authentication Connections

How to set up to use Gmail when it supports two-factor verification