Log to Azure Application Insights


You can configure Identify to log to Azure Application Insights and use its rich monitoring capacity to monitor many of Identify's activities.

Enable Application Insights

To log data to Application Insights, you need to do the following steps:

  • Create and set up your Application Insights account.
  • Copy its Instrumentation Key setting.


  • Enable the Log target setting for Application Insights:


  • Save your changes.


Application Insights has some built-in queries that are very useful for learning how it works. Upcoming sections explain how to set up a dashboard and what each metric does. You can in fact use the Identify dashboard - Identify specific metrics - template.json to create a dashboard.


Response time (latency)

When it comes to performance, the most important activities to measure in Identify are throughput and latency.

When pushing Identify’s logs to Application Insights using Serilog, data is stored in the traces collection:


Query to monitor average response time


Query to monitor response bucket

Pie chart (good for showing percentages)

If you want to have 99% of all logins done in less than 1 second, approximately 99% of all requests must be in the 250ms bucket because a typical login needs 4 web requests.


Bar chart (good for showing total numbers)


Failed requests

Query to count total failed requests


Query to find all exceptions causing request failures

Monitoring some specific errors (context id)

Query to count total failed requests every 30 minutes that relate to context id: