Manage certificates

This tab enables the user to manage the server certificates from the client side.

  • Review the certificates in stores (CurrentUser/My, CurrentUser/TrustedPeople, LocalMachine/My, and LocalMachine/TrustedPeople) by accessing the System Setup > Manage Certificates tab. The user is also able to specify which store will be displayed by changing the View filter.


  • Review the individual certificate information by right-clicking on a specific certificate > View.


  • Delete a not-in-use certificate by right-clicking on a specific certificate > Delete
  • Import a certificate to the server store by selecting Certificate > Import


The user needs to select a certificate file (with supported formats mentioned in the Import form) by selecting a store before importing.


For a private certificate, the user must fill in the password and be able to set some options.


And user can choose to import all certificates from the certificate store: LocalMachine\TrustedPeople to Local database store with 1-click: Import from Windows store.

In addition, the user is also able to update the certificate used for Identify in the other pages (Connections, System Setup, and LDAP web services) by clicking the Get Certificate button and selecting the corresponding certificate in the list. Filtering also works as it does on the Manage Certificates tab.

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