Mass update user

The mass update user functionality makes it even easier to manage a large user base. Take a situation where a new access role is added to a claim. Having to open and edit hundreds of users would be a huge task. However, it is now possible to do this in seconds by simply selecting those users using the advanced search feature and then using mass update to grant the claim role to them. Mass update also offers ways to remove values for an array of users in one go.

To update users, you first need to select the users from the user list. It is not possible to select users across pages or organizations for mass update. Select using the check box row and then click the Mass Update button.


This brings up the mass update dialog box. The Claim type drop-down lists all the claim types that can be updated. By default, free claim is just listed by its name alone, while discrete claim has one item in the drop-down for each option. In other words, you must select each discrete claim type option to update individually.


In the above dialog box, we have chosen the option “ClaimAdmin” from the claim type “Access to Identify*Admin”. We then have the option to either remove or add the selection of this option for the selected array of users.

When we choose a free claim type, the mass update dialog box also offers a Value field.


Select the value that you would like the selected array of users to have.

After having added all the values that the selected array of users should be updated to, click the Mass update button. The users will be updated.