Monitoring application insights

Application insights

Azure application insights (AI) is a great tool to monitor operations of Safewhere Identify. You can enable AI for your Identify instances in a few simple steps:

  1. Create a new AI resource
  2. Copy its instrumentation key.
  3. Open the web.config files of the Admin and Runtime sites and add a new key to its appSettings section:
  1. Use your Identify instance and check the AI account to see if data is logged correctly.

Customizing collected data

You can customize what data should be collected by modifying the ApplicationInsights.config file found in the bin folders.

Dependency telemetry

We disable the dependency telemetry by default. Identify, when using SQL Server (not Azure SQL database), uses database dependency for cache invalidation. This means that if the telemetry is turned on, it will collect a huge number of dependency events which overshadow all other more important events.

Performance counters

You can instruct Application Insights to collect additional performance counters by adding your counters into the ApplicationInsights.config file. Below is an example to collect some Identify's custom cryptographic performance counters:

where the "https:__dev.safewhere.localruntime" is the instance name, which is formed by using the original tenant's Entity ID and replacing all '/' characters with '_'.