My Profile

My Details page: Contains the user’s updatable information.

Identify Name: Contains the user’s name, which is used within Identify*Admin.

User’s certificate: Allows the user to select the Browse button to upload a certificate to be used for the STS Web service.

Other Information: Includes claims that are set up in the system and which have been tagged as updateable.

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My Password page: Enables the user to change his password by entering the existing password as well as the new password twice and clicking Save.

Note: For security reason, if the number of times user input wrong old password exceeds 10, that user will be disabled to prevent brute-force password attack.

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My Consent page: Allows the user to manage his or her list of consent settings. The only Protocol Connections to be listed in the “personal consent management page” are those where the user has in fact provided consent.

pic 3

When the setting “Remember Consent” on the Protocol Connection is True, a checkbox will appear on the consent box saying “This consent also applies to my future login to this site”.

The user can only save his consent settings if all required claims set and scopes have been set to True.


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