Reconfigure action reference

ICC --action Reconfigure reference


Reconfigure an existing instance:

The --help parameter can show more information about the command:


Print out a short help for the command:

Change user's password:

Change the instance's signing certificate:

Deploy Safewhere Admin:

Enable multi subnet failover:


Common options:

  • -n|--name "<INSTANCE_NAME>" - Specifies the name of an existing instance that you want to reconfigure.
  • -f|--configuration-file "<FILE_PATH>" - Specifies the path of the configuration file used for database connection. For more information about the configuration file, see Database connection configuration JSON schema.

Change a user's password:

  • -c|--change-user-password - Specifies the change user password action.
  • -u|--username "<USER_NAME>" - Specifies the user name of an existing user who you want to change password.
  • -p|--password "<PASSWORD>" - Specifies the new password.

Change an instance's signing certificate:

  • -s|--change-signing-certificate - Specifies the change signing certificate action.
  • -t|--thumbprint "<CERTIFICATE_THUMBPRINT>" - Specifies the thumbprint of a certificate in the server's certificate store (Local Machine\Personal).

Deploy Safewhere Admin:

  • -d|--deploy-safewhere-admin - Specifies the Deploy Safewhere Admin action.

Enable the multi subnet failover option:

  • -m|--enable-multi-subnet-failover - Specifies the enable multi subnet failover action.


Change a user's password:

Change an instance's signing certificate:

Deploy a Safewhere Admin site for an existing instance:

Enable multi subnet failover: