Token type SAML 1.1 vs Token type SAML 2.0


This client has started calling Identify STS in the new test environment for DMP ESB (BTS/.Net) and using existing act-as functionality. They get SAML 2.0 tokens returned but think that their existing act-as code cannot handle it because they get some new errors decrypting SAML assertions before doing act-as. They do not believe it is caused by certificate problems. They would like to instead continue using SAML 1.1 tokens.

Can we support?


Some requests of the client do not contain the token type. By default, the SAML 2.0 is returned. If you would like to work with SAML 1.1 tokens, please check the option: "Use SAML 1.1 profile as default unless requests specifies otherwise" shown below.