Version Quality improvements

New features and improvements

Improve Hangfire job for certificate validation

We will only execute the Hangfire job for certificate validation when Use database certificate revocation checks on System page is enabled.

And request to ValidateCertificates.ashx endpoint is allowed only when it is called from current deployed Identify server.

Accessing Identify's internal data structure

This service release contains a number of changes:

  • Updated the version of Safewhere.ExternalSamples.dll from to
  • Updated its target framework from .NET framework 4.5 to .NET framework 4.8.
  • Fixed the bug when accessing requestInformation.IdentifyLoginContext from external code threw a NotImplementedException exception.
  • Added some helper methods that you can use to access Identify's internal data structure more easily. You can read more about how to access them at:
  • Note: The Safewhere.External.dll assembly has some new helper (extension) methods in this service release. However, it does not add new or update any existing interfaces as compared to the previous 5.12 releases.

We also added more details about these changes to the original release note.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: #86197 The SAMLRequest failed to validate and Identify returns Faulty Response to Service provider when the previous login session encountered Faulty response.
  • Fixed: #86924 User is created with same value.
  • Fixed: #87511 Identify does not return PartialLogout status to service provider when one of its service provider participants returns Faulty logout response to Identify.