Version Quality improvements

New features and improvements

OcesII_DanidEnvPreprod enviroment can now accept production OCES certificates

When you select the OcesII_DanidEnvPreprod option for the Oces environment setting on the System setup page, Identify can now accept both pre-prod and production OCES certificates. This new enhancement is useful when you have a pre-prod environment where some users may log in using production certificates or accounts.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: #88168 [IC] Deploying Safewhere Admin when upgrading a replicated Identify instance uses incorrect clientId and clientSecret.
  • Fixed: #89589 [IC] Identify instance failed to upgrade because a change script related to UserDeletionLinkExpiryHours had an extra space before a quote.
  • Fixed: #89879 [SWAdmin] Mitigated URL redirection issue.