Version REST API New Changes

This document summarizes all changes made to Identify REST API in release

Certificates endpoint

The GET /Certificates endpoint has some new parameters: ignoreRawData, searchType, and searchValue.

  • Affected operations: GET /Certificates.
  • Behaviors:
Name Data type Require? Default value Description
ignoreRawData boolean ⬜️ false An option to reduce response size. When this setting is set to true, this endpoint will return certificates' information without raw data
searchType string ⬜️ Thumbprint Specifies the certificate attribute that is used to search for certificates. Valid values are Thumbprint and Subject. The default value is Thumbprint.
searchValue string ⬜️ N/A When this value is specified, Identify uses the {searchType, searchValue} pair to search for matched certificates. Search by Thumbprint uses exact comparison. Search by Subject looks for subjects that contain the searchValue. All comparisons are case-insensitive.