Improvements for Identify*Admin version 4.3

Show Age of Certificates on the Connection Page

On the connection page, there is a new column named Certificate Validity, which shows the certificate’s usage and its valid dates.


  • If a certificate is expired, the age is highlighted with a red color
  • If the validity period for all certificates on a connection is the same, a one-time interval is shown.
  • If connection has more than one certificate and the validity period is different, for each certificate, it shows the certificate’s usage combined with the corresponding time interval

Update for Connection Dependency List in Connection Setting


  • There is a new Select All check box, which allows you to select all connections in the list when enabling or to deselect all connections in the list when disabling
  • When hovering over a connection in the list, the connection’s details display in a pop-up window, which helps you to quickly review the connection instead of navigating the connection’s detail page as usual.

User’s Certificate Displays with Detailed Information on the Edit User Page

From version 4.3, the user certificate information is displayed in detail, as shown below.