Like OTP, the authentication connection for Yubikey can only be used as second factor with another Authentication Connection type. The configuration settings offered for Yubi are:

  • Client ID: The register application ID from Yubico.com.
  • API key: This is the secret code for the client ID that was register on Yubico.com.
  • Desired sync level in percent: The desired synchronization level in percentage that the validation server should reach before sending reply.
  • Nonce to be used for the next request: The value string to be used for the every request to Yubico and it will be return in the response for validation if the response is for a specific request. This value is optional. If no value is set a random nonce value will be created.
  • User agent: The value that is set in user-agent from HTTP header on the request to Yubico. This value is optional, if this is unset a value will be created to set to HTTP Header User-agent in following formation: "YubicoDotNetClient {version}" where {version} is the current version of Yubico Client that used for validation.
  • Test mode: Normally, a Yubi connection needs the specification on the whole above settings so that the Yubi can be loaded successfully. In test mode, we just need to fill some test values on the required fields. To learn more about Yubi test mode please go the chapter on Yubico Test Login Page.